Fundraising With Dealee

Don't Ask. Give.

We know as a non-profit you are always asking; for help, for volunteers, for money. So we designed dealee for you to be able to SAY THANK YOU to your network, by giving them something of value, at no cost, and raise money while you do.


Multi-level Fundraising

Your Organization only gets so many "ASKS" of your network each year before people stop listening. So instead of another ask, Dealee lets you SAY THANK YOU to the people who make your organisation special by offering them a Gift.  Access to the exclusive local deals & unlimited savings inside the Dealee Mobile App.  Membership is normally $29.99, but with your custom invite link your supporters get a FREE $30 Gift Certificate to cover the cost of their membership. We then financially incentivise your network to invite their friends, which becomes the driving force for the MLF system.

The Basics

There are two ways to receive support.
1. Direct Invites. This kicks off the multi-level fundraising system, and earns you $10 cash each time someone signs up or renews.
2. User Selected Non-profit. Everyone is required to pick a local non-profit to represent, this non-profit earns a BONUS $1.00 each time that user invites a new friend. This $1.00 is in addition to the money raised in the MLF system, and the organization selected has no impact on the results of your fundraising efforts. Only organizations that use our system are eligible for users to select.

Tier 1: Direct Invite - Invite Your Network

Your Network Gets - A FREE $30 Gift Certificate; Your Non-profit gets - $10 cash

Tier 2: Your Network Invites Their Friends

New Member gets $30 Gift Certificate; Your Supporter makes $10; Your Non-profit makes $5

Tier 3: Then Their Friends

New Member gets $30 Gift Certificate; Tier 3 earns $10; Tier 2 earns $5; Your Non-profit makes $2

Tier 4: And A Final Time

New Member gets $30 Gift Certificate; Tier 4 earns $10; Tier 3 earns $5; Tier 3 earns $2; Your Non-profit makes $1



Recurring Income is needed for any organization to grow. So we continue to pay you the same amount year after year with each renewal. This allows for you to build upon previous marketing efforts and establish a consistent income with dealee that you can confidently include on your budget.



This system was designed to help your busy non-profit raise much needed funds without using the other asset you are always short on, time. We provide you with a FREE Marketing Kit to kick off your MLF campaign, then the referral system does the rest. We want you focused on serving your community, not wondering how to pay the bills.



Our Referral Platform is so strong that it adds up fast! Take an example of a local non-profit who has a network of 5000 people. If only 5% accept your THANK YOU GIFT, then each person in their downline invites an average of only 2 people, that non-profit would raise $9000 by simply offering out $30 Gift Certificates & helping their network save money.



Set Up Your Free Invite Website

We will set up a face to face meeting with you, or answer all your questions with a conference call. After setting expectations & reviewing your goals we will set up your fundraising page, unique invite link, and your sales tracking account. The entire process can move as fast as you want it to, and we could have you set up and fundraising in less than 24 hours.

Request A Call

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Dealee Step Two: Market


Get the Word Out To Your Network

Say Thank You to your Employees, Members, Supporters, Volunteers, & Donors by offering them FREE access to the Exclusive & Unlimited Savings in the Dealee App. We will provide you with everything you need to be successful with prewriten email content, social media content, website content, newsletter content, and more. All Free.


Sit Back And Let The System Work

Our Multilevel Fundraising System is designed not to feel like fundraising. Your network takes advantage of your free gift, and then receives cash incentives to encourage them to share with others. Each time they join or share your organisation will receive instant credit, raise money for your general fund, and raise awareness for your organisation.

Dealee Step Three

Dealee Step Three


Claim Your Fundraising Dollars

You never have to wait for your money with Dealee. You can claim your fundraising dollars anytime you need, or we will automatically process a check for you at the end of every month. Dealee is designed to work for you with little effort and powerful results. We want your time focused on your mission, and your bank account providing you more freedom to execute on it.

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